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"Carting" with Pomeranians

  The Pomeranian, or Toy Spitz as it is called in Germany, might be the smallest of the Spitz, but is just as versatile as the larger varieties of the breed. This is certainly true of my Pomeranian Ch. ‘Paper Moon’s Body Guard’, or ‘Chips’ for short. He’s already 10 years young, and, due to his bright and alert nature, always open to new activities. The days of showing and travelling are in the past now, but the life of a retiree is not meant for a lively Pomeranian like Chips! So, we got a new hobby called ‘Carting’.

  When I first saw the photos of Mrs. Malott's ‘Carting Pomeranians’, I got really excited and soon had the idea to get a cart for my Pomeranian. Mrs. Roberta Malott is a Pomeranian fancier and a small breeder who lives in Canada. She started carting a couple of years ago, with a Yorkshire Terrier who had issues with other dogs. Her little Yorkie enjoyed it greatly, and it made such a difference to her personality that Mrs. Malott gave it a try with her Pomeranians, too. She also got some friends from her Agility group interested in carting. Today, Mrs. Malott and her friends participate in the local summer and winter parades, where their carting Poms are real crowd pleasers - especially with the young children and older adults. For each occasion the carts are decorated differently, such as western-style for the summer and farmer parades, and in Christmas style for the winter parades.

  Mrs. Malott's husband also got a new hobby, as he is now making their own carts for their Pomeranians. They are custom-built to fit the size of each little dog, and vary in design and colour. So every cart is a unique, hand-made piece.
  Pomeranian Chips made his ‘Carting’ debut at the Christmas party of our local Spitz Club, where he pulled his little cart, loaded with treats for all the Spitzes present, to everyone’s delight!

Carting - a different kind of sport for dogs:
Dogs, especially large breeds, have often been used for draft work in the past. Bernese Mountain Dogs used to pull carts loaded with milk churns. Today, ‘Carting’ or ‘Draft Work’ is a recognized Dog Sport in many countries all over the world, with competitions for titles and prizes. There is Mini-Carting for small dogs, because Carting is not only about pulling weight, but also about obedience and skill. Carting also can be done just for fun! Even toy dogs can be trained to pull a cart of appropriate size and weight, and can participate in parades, for example, or help you promote your breed or your club in an unusual way.

© 2003, B. Sovonja

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